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A Little About "Neon"

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A Little About "Neon"

Post by NeonRitter on Wed 02 Nov 2016, 2:47 pm

Hello! My name is Neon Ritter and I am 16 years old. I am a female who is extremely excitable and tends to be the "Marshmallow Fluff" of the group. I'm trusting once you earn that trust and I love to make people feel better. My favorite color is turquoise (Or Cyan according to this color chart for text). I am applying to a job and I do Art Commissions on the side on my ArtistsnClients page. I personally know BucketORandomness and I can say for sure that she is a really nice person.
I have a lot of different interests including Pokemon, Dragons, Furries, and a LOT more. In fact, I plan to make my own fursuit so I may go to children's hospitals and make their days a lot better. 
I am a small YouTuber who sadly doesnt post often, but Im thinking of videos to make including ones about Anxiety, Depression, and other mental things that people go through so that others may understand.
Also on a more important note I am here if anyone needs help with mental issues, emotions, or just need someone to talk to and be friends with. It would be best to email me those types of things first though, so I get them immediately. I check my email every day after school and at 9-10AM ish. I will also check before I go to bed around 9-10 PM. I'm here for you ^-^ 

~I found the good in the dark and the bad in the light.~

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