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Neon's Little Cuties

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Neon's Little Cuties

Post by NeonRitter on Tue 01 Nov 2016, 3:00 pm

Hello! This is where I'll be listing and describing my Tulpas/OC's since they are one in the same by now. Some Tulpas are more complicated than others, so some may have more categories or some may have less. Since this is just my little way of telling you all what this is, This post wont have any Tulpa descriptions, but I will tell you a little about how my Tulpas work.
My Tulpas work very much like story characters who shift between different dimensions at will. Some have a specific area where they are from (Which is where OC's and Tulpas are the same for me) like my most recent RP with my boyfriend about the movie "Warm Bodies". These are living people with their own thoughts and emotions and I cant control what they do. 
All of my Tulpas are naturally taken by birth. What I mean by that is when a Tulpa is created, one of my boyfriend's Tulpas will become in a relationship with her. So this means:
No, My amazing Tulpa will not be in any form of romantic relationship with your OC.
Yes, If you want we can see how your OC and my Tulpa interact. I do not mind this.
No, I wont story RP with you.
Yes, We can do battle RP's.
Yes, YOU may interact with my Tulpas. To do so, send me an Email with the topic as their name. Ex; Influence as the topic name in order to speak to Influence.

~I found the good in the dark and the bad in the light.~

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Influence Amoria

Post by NeonRitter on Thu 03 Nov 2016, 3:56 pm

(Note, I will be updating this as the story continues and when I feel like fixing some errors or rewording some things)

Full name: Influence Amoria

Code Name: Arrow Master

Gender: Female

Species: Half Lich Half Human

Age: 22

Birthday: N/A, N/A, 1994

Sexuality: Straight

Nationality: American

Religion: N.A

City or town of birth: N/A, Earth

Currently lives: Land of Creation

Languages spoken: English

Native language: English

Relationship Status: Married


Height: 5'6

Weight: 108 pounds

Figure/build: Ectomorph

Hair colour: Black

Hairstyle: Short with long bangs over her left side of her face.

Facial Hairstyle: None

Eye colour: Dark blue

Skin/fur/etc colour: Pale

Tattoos: She doesn't have any tattoos.

Piercings: None

Scars/distinguishing marks: Black Arrow below her left eye socket, which is mostly covered by her hair

Preferred style of clothing: Black tank top, Blue jeans, Red converse

Frequently worn jewellery/accessories: None


Smoker? No

Drinker? No

Recreational Drug User? No

Addictions: N.A

Allergies: None

Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: Black Lich Blood.

Any medication regularly taken: N.A


Personality: Influence is a quiet woman who acts cold to maintain a hold on the Creation household and keep things secure. She rarely smiles and tries to keep everyone save, even the people she doesn't necessarily enjoy. Even though she may seem cold, once you get through her tough walls she can be extremely caring and even more considerate than she already is.

Likes: Reading, Writing emails, Being professional, Kittens

Dislikes: Hunters, Conflict, Disorder (The person and the term)

Fears/phobias: Failure

Favourite colour: Midnight blue

Hobbies: Future seeing, hopping between dimensions,

Taste in music: SOAD,


Talents/skills: Cooking, Portals, Seeing into the future, Ability to see into reality even in another world.

Ability to drive a car? Operate any other vehicles? Car


Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore (Vegetarian): Omnivore

Favourite food(s): Rice

Favourite drink(s): Tea

Disliked food(s): Sour Foods

Disliked drink(s): N/A


Describe the character's house/home: Ever expanding house with many people who live inside. Her room is the first room to the left.

Do they share their home with anyone? Who? Neon, CC, Disorder, Chaos, Shiro and Kuro (in conclusion Baipora),

Significant/special belongings: Her mirror in her room


Level of education: highschool

Qualifications: N/A

Current job title and description: Head of Household

Name of employer: N.A


Peaceful or aggressive attitude? Aggressive

Fighting skills/techniques: Uses her Arrows to both surround herself as a shield and attacks to overwhelm the foe.

Special skills/magical powers/etc: Black Lich Blood/Powers

Weapon of choice (if any): Her Arrows

Weaknesses in combat: If she uses to many arrows she will suffer from blood loss, causing an obvious issue.

Strengths in combat: Doesnt stop attacking, like a tank.


Parents names: Linx and Seraphina

Are parents alive or dead? Alive

Is the character still in contact with their parents? Yes

Siblings? Relationship with siblings? N.A

Other Important Relatives: Creation

Partner/Spouse: Tsuketsu Amoria

Children: Harmony Amoria

Best Friend: N.A

Other Important Friends: N.A

Acquaintances: Karma

Pets: None

Enemies? Why are they enemies? Disorder, since she was the one who originally wounded her.


Describe their childhood (newborn - age 10): A couple years after she was born her mother gave her to her aunt due to an unknown event that happened shortly after her birth. Her aunt is still unknown to this day, though Creation was her child and thusly Influences cousin.

Describe their  teenage years (11 - 19): For years she was left living with her Aunt, Uncle, and cousin. Nothing much happened here until she and Creation decided to leave home and create what would soon be known as The Land of Creation, named after Creation who mainly created the world.

Describe their  adult years (20+): After the making of this land more people had shown up and slowly filled the empty tree filled world. Years Unicorn like this, no conflict really happened until Disorder stabbed Influence in the lung, wounding her in a way no one thought was possible. When she finally met Kagashi , they had fallen in love and he healed her wound. Due to the time rifts and dimension issues Kagashi  got murdered in front of her. She was crushed, to say the least. When the issues had been fixed Tsuketsu was created, being a reincarnated version of Kagashi. Because of this she loved Tsuketsu. They married at her age of 22. She then had a child soon after with him.

~I found the good in the dark and the bad in the light.~

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